Mayfield High School

Choir Program



Philosophy- It is the goal of the MHS Choir Organization to help develop well rounded and successful human beings via the discipline of rigorous and engaged musical training. The MHS Choir curriculum consists of studying and performing music of all historical time periods and cultures, developing strong music literary skills, understanding good choral technique, and learning healthy vocal production. Through active participation in the MHS Choir Program, the student will gain experiences that help will developing self-esteem, self-discipline, a positive work ethic, and the ability to focus and concentrate better. In sort, participating in the MHS Choir Program will help students to be smarter, happier, and more worldly.

Course Objectives- There are three course objectives. 1) The teaching of pitch, notes, rhythm and tone with specific emphasis on sight-reading by the method of solfege.  2) Exercise the voice in order to produce healthy and beautiful singing. 3)  Learn and perform all genres of choral music. The literature will consist of secular and sacred texts, multicultural representations, and musical styles from the Middle Ages to current. Through these three objectives, the student will be given the opportunity to appreciate and understand the art of choral music.

Attendance Policy- Attendance is mandatory at ALL daily rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performances. Attendance consists of 90% of the grading policy. Daily rehearsals are worth 10 participation points. Dress rehearsals are worth 100 exam points and concerts are worth 200 exam points. Unexcused tardies will result in a 50% reduction in points, and unexcused absences will result in a zero. Poor behavior and unexcused early departures will also result in a lowering of points (at the discretion of the director). Class attendance is redundant of the district policies (see LCPS Student Hand book pg. 7). Students must show written documentation from a parent/guardian to the MHS Front Office to get an excused absence for daily rehearsals to receive 100% participation points. For dress rehearsals and concerts, students must provide written documentation from a parent/guardian to Mr. Gilmour before event or within three school days after event to receive 100% exam points.

Madrigal Attendance: Madrigal students must also be enrolled in Varsity Singers. The same attendance policy will apply with zero-hour rehearsals but will be reflected in the Varsity Singers grade book.   

Grading Policy: Attendance consists of 90% of the student’s grade. 10% of the student’s grade will also be determined depending on the ability to adhere to the below expectations.

·      Only water in the choir room,

·      Use bathroom sparingly and use bathroom pass.

·      Place cellphones, belongings and backpacks against the wall,

·      Leave negative moods and thoughts at the door,

·      Socialize only during appropriate moments,

·      Stand tall and be engaged,

·      Be positive and proactive,

·      Use good posture and always have music unless told otherwise.

·      Be respectful at all times

·      Use indoor voices

·      No students in the choral library, uniform closet, or Mr. Gilmour’s office, unless specifically directed by Mr. Gilmour.

Failure to follow the above expectations will result in lowering of grade (at the director’s discretion) and further discipline if necessary (see yellow and red cards).

Yellow and Red Cards: Discipline will be dealt with similar to the rules of soccer. A student will receive three verbal and documented warnings (will effect grade) within one class period before given a yellow card on the fourth warning. A parent/student/teacher conference will be set to discuss behavior, and if poor behavior occurs again within the span of 3 weeks, the student will receive three verbal and documented warnings before given a red card on the fourth warning. After which, their involvement in the MHS Choir Program will be terminated immediately. The student will be moved classes or will have to write one essay per 9 weeks and additional busy work in order to maintain a grade in class.

Academic Eligibility- Students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 with no F’s.  The student must also be enrolled in at least 3 classes.  Academic eligibility will directly affect All-State auditions, attendance at All-State festivals, the spring trip and any performance that is during the school day.

Dresses- Dresses should look clean and wrinkle-less for choir functions. If necessary, you may press the dress with a moist towel between the dress and a warm iron. Stains can be removed by sending the dress to the dry cleaners. Black closed toed shoes with less than an inch heal are required, and hair must be pulled back from face. Varsity singer women must purchase a gaudy (big) white rhinestone (fake) necklace to wear with dress. Madrigal Singer women will be provided with a necklace; it must be returned at the end of the year. (Brocken necklaces will cost $20) 

Tuxes- The men will be issued black concert tuxedos (including a tuxedo shirt, black vest and black tie). Students are responsible for care and the return of the tuxedo. REPLACEMENT COST OF THE VEST IS $30.00, TIE $20.00, and TUXEDO $200.00. Dry cleaning may be necessary throughout the year to take out stains. Please have the tuxedo and shirt freshly pressed before all performances, as wrinkled tuxedos are not acceptable.  Black dress socks and black dress shoes are required.

* Failure to have the dress/tux dry cleaned upon return will result in a $20.00 fee for dresses and $30.00 fee for tuxes paid to MHS and will be posted on student Mayfield account (studentview).

 General Performance Guidelines- Perfume and scented hair spray cause problems during perormances and should not be used. Hairstyles, hair color, and body piercings must not distract from the uniformity of the group that the concert dresses and tuxedos create. 


Fee’s and Fundraising

$100 Choir Fee - Every choir member will have a $50 choir fee for the Fall and Spring semester. The fee will be posted on the students Mayfield account (studentview).  Please pay these fees no later than the September 1st for the Fall semester and the January 31st for the Spring semester at the Mayfield High School Secretary Office located in the school’s main office.  The choir fees support the numerous expenses for the functions of the choir. Our choir’s expenses hover around 20K per year; the school district provides only $500 annually. The choir fees pay less than a half of our operational expenses, thus a $200 fundraising quota is asked in addition to the choir fee.

$200 Fundraising Quota

The most efficient way to get $200 is with store sponsors. Stores of all types will give money to choir members for several reasons: to get a government tax break, to show support of the community to attract more business, and to earn a little extra advertising. The Parent Booster Club will display an image of each store on the choir poster and on every choir concert program. Students will have better success if they 1) ask during the summer, 2) look nice (preferably in choir attire), 3) explain the choir philosophy convincingly (always ask for the owner or manager), and 4) present a clean sponsor form (not crumpled from days traveling in a backpack). The sponsors must be turned in no later than Sep 15st. If the student is not able to find $200 sponsor, they will then need to use the other choir fundraisers to fulfill the $200 quota or pay it with a check.

Other Fundraisers

All choir students are required to participate in all fundraisers. The earnings of these fundraisers will go directly to the student’s choir account, as long as that student has already fulfilled the $200 fundraising quota. If the fundraising quota is met, students can use their fundraising money to pay for the choir trip, which will cost $650; Or can use it to pay other choir fee’s, such as: all state auditions, all state choir festival, and solo and ensemble. See fundraiser sheet for the year’s fundraising drives. Students who are awesome at fundraising and earn an excess amount will be asked to donate that money to students who, for extenuating circumstances, can not afford to pay their choir fee’s. Those awesome fundraising students will be formally recognized at the choir banquet at the end of the year.