MHS Choir Concessions

           MHS Choir Concessions

MHS Choir Concessions 

The MHS Choir sells concessions at NMSU Football games, Basketball games, and performance events!! It's a huge fundraiser and pretty easy money. Sodexo provides the food and beverage and the parents and kids help sell. We need lots of parents and older siblings to help sell the drinks.

Follow the links below to get certified to sell alcohol! Certification costs $35 and will be refunded to you by the MHS Choir Booster Club after working the concessions two times. 

Concession Schedule

All football game concessions are at the NMSU Aggie Stadium. Enter NW entrance find us at stand #1

All basketball games and concert are at the NMSU Pan Am Cneter. Enter SW entrance.


Event                                        Date               Call Time         End Time         Location

Football vs Troy                      9/16              2:30pm               10:00pm          Aggie Stadium

Football vs UTEP                   9/23                1:30pm             10:00pm         Aggie Stadium

WWE                                     9/24                3:00pm                    Late               Pan Am

Harlem Globetrotters            10/22               11:00am                  TBD              Pan Am

Football vs Arkansas State      10/28             2:30pm               10:00pm         Aggie Stadium

Tournament of Bands             11/4               6:30am                    TBD               Pan Am

Basketball vs UNM                11/17              3:30pm                   TBD               Pan Am

Football vs Idaho                   11/25             10:30am               5:30pm        Aggie Stadium

Basketball vs Idaho                 11/25              3:30pm                   TBD                Pan Am

Football vs South Alabama    12/2               3:00pm                10:00pm         Aggie Stadium

Basketball vs Prairie                12/3                 TBA                       TBA                 Pan Am

Mannheim Steamrooler         12/5                4:00pm                     TBD               Pan Am

Basketball vs USD                 12/6                  TBD                    TBD                Pan Am



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Other Choir Fundraisers 

Pastry Puffins and Pizza 

Pastry Puffins are $12 and Puffcrust pizza's are $13 

Selling now through Feb 10th 

Collect cash or checks made out to MHS Choir with your order 

Students need to sell 10 items. 

Keep Las Cruces Clean!!!

20 students will pick up trash somewhere in the city of Las Cruces. Water, snacks and t-shirts will be provided. College scholarships are given to students who have community service hours on their resume.  

Date: Feb 11: 9:00am - 12:00pm 

Sign up in the choir room.