Madrigal Singers 

The Madrigals are the best of the best! They are asked to sing all over the city and are among some of the smartest and brightest in school. This auditioned group consists of the choir council as well as the student board members. To be in the Madrigal Singers, students must be a Junior or Senior, must be enrolled in the Varsity Singers, and must take private voice lessons. 

Above: Madrigal Girls 

To the right: Madrigal Guys 

Varsity Singers

This fully auditioned group consists of sophomores through seniors. Students are encouraged to take voice lessons, audition for all-state choirs and sing at solo and ensemble. They are a close family and always participate in the Spring Trip. 

Left: Varisty Sopranos   Middle: Varsity Altos  Right: Varsity Men 

Treble Choir 

Trojan Choir